Ms Dipaboli is the author & editor of the website namely Culinary Eats & Travelling. She has done her Masters in English literature from a reputed university in Kolkata, India. Since her childhood she has an exposure in cooking for her family. Since then, she developed a passion for cooking. In her website, she is showcasing various recipes so that people get to know the arts of making their favorite recipe and bring smile to their family.


In her own words, she is also an ardent traveler. She has already traveled many tourist destinations in India & abroad. She loves to travel as it refreshes oneself and also explores new cultures, traditions and builds some beautiful memories. In her own words, travelling extends the horizon of knowledge which makes a person complete in true sense.  She has created this website in order to cherish her old memories wherever she went until now and share her knowledge among her followers.



You will mainly find the process of cooking of various Indian / Chinese recipes in this website. Cooking is the biggest stumbling block when you are staying alone and you don’t know how to cook. It becomes very difficult to survive when you are staying away from home & if you have the little or no exposure in cooking in the past. This website is created to help such people to learn how to cook by their own. Anybody can easily make delicious recipe by using the smart recipe card provided in this website. This will certainly help people to learn the arts of cooking and bring comfort in their life.



The recipes posted in this website is tried & tested. You will find the smart recipe card which will help you to make recipes by your own. Also high quality images & videos have been provided in order to avoid any confusion in the reader’s mind.

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In this blog, visitors can get smart recipe card along with provision of printing the card. User can have the recipe card printed easily by one clink. Users can select requisite details by clicking on the items to be printed which helps them to remove unnecessary items being printed while printing the recipe card. Also quantum of ingredients required shall be auto calculated depending on the serving capacity which makes it convenient for users to use the Smart Recipe Card.



We appreciate the readers who take time to write comment, reviews & suggestions on this website. This will immensely help us to improve any drawbacks while making a recipe and also motivate us to do more. Hence, our earnest request to all readers please provide your valuable comments in the comment box. we will certainly respond to your comments whenever possible.



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